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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  December 10, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

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far enough north and west. we will look for partly to mostly sunny skies. windy and gusts to 30 miles an hour. temperatures not much warmer than we are now. 40 to 45 and colder late this afternoon. it is 6:00 and a much quieter thursday morning. >> and that, my friend, is how we like it. hello, happy thursday to you. we are starting a new hour. things are starting to slow down. on the inner loop at new hampshire avenue we confirmed an accident. but awe overall no major delays. the outer loop is filling out university to georgia. keeping things moving. look at an issue we are dealing with from yesterday. water street, still closed in both directions at route 4 pennsylvania. how do you get around this? you want to take water street to main street. that will get you to old crane highway and then you can access route 4 pennsylvania again. 395 northbound. we are dropping in speed. before we get there look at south capital and the suitland
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parkway. we are monitoring the cameras. notice a cop pulled over a driver. i don't know, maybe they weren't watching their speed. good reason to take it slow this morning. 395, here we go. duke to seminary we are noted a st. pete. looks like that delay will start to build. and finally 95 northbound before that, drivers are tacking on an extra 15 minutes. traveling from the prince william parkway to lorton. now, over to you. five men from the washington area are under arrest in pakistan. authorities captured the group in a house linked to extremists. the arrests are a week after relatives reported them missing one suspect left behind a disturbing farewell video recovered at his home. alex trevino is live at the information center with more. >> reporter: the men range in ages 19 to 25 and are first generation americans. that's why there are questions about an emerging trend experts label home grown terrorism.
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the men, one of them a howard university dental student live in our area. all five are suspected to have been on their way to a terror training camp. emerson is head of the verdictive project on terrorism and he says extremists groups are targeting young people in the states. >> it devastates the parents that want the best things in america that's available to them for their own children, and yet their children reject it. >> reporter: national security expert neil livingstone say home grown terrorism is a threat many americans don't realize. >> we may have people that look like ordinary americans and they may be a fifth column. they maybe going abroad to train and come back here to carry out attacks. >> reporter: the five americans were arrested during a raid on a house linked to a banned militant organization near islamabad. the young muslim vanished from their washington, d.c. area
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homes last month according to the head of an islamic human rights group and while in custody in pakistan they could be turned over to u.s. authorities. live in the information center, alex trevino, 9 news now and we have rom some good news in the search for a missing forestville, maryland woman. 48-year-old cynthia passmore has been found safe and sound. she had been missing since monday night. authorities say she was not the victim of crime but declined to provide any other details. dramatic video from prince georges county. police pulled an accident victim to safety just before a car caught on fire. look at the right side of the screen. three officers pulling the man to the sidewalk, saving his life. the fire had taken over the passenger's side of the car and was about to overwhelm the victim when police arrived. it happened at adelphi road near the entrance to the university of maryland.
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and we have new insigh this morning in to the motive behind tuesday's shooting at a northern virginia community college in woodbridge, virginia. 20-year-old jason hamilton is accused of trying to kill his math teacher. students scrambled to safety and others were locked in their classrooms after hamilton allegedly opened fire on his teacher the, missing her twice. >> we believe the motive for the shooting is he was upset over the grade he was getting in this particular math class. >> reporter: police believe more shots would have been fired if his life hasn't jammed. he is held without bond charged with attempted murder. president obama is joining the ranks of mother terrae ya as he picks up the nobel peace prize today. it is an at a rough time as he has just ordered more troops in to battle. >> reporter: president obama arrives in norway to receive
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the nobel peace prize while waging war. it comes a week after he announced his plan to send 30,000 more u.s. troops to fight in afghanistan. >> i don't think a man can receive a peace prize when he is sending more troops in to afghanistan. >> reporter: president obama plans to confront critic hot say a wartime president involved in two battles shouldn't receive the nobel honor. norwegian security teams are bracing for planned antiwar demonstrations. >> this is without doubt the largest security challenge for the norwegian security police. >> reporter: they say never before has there been so much interest in the awards ceremony. they have had to turn away thousands of people who want to be here, inside of oslo's city hall to watch the president pick up his prize and deliver his speech. >> curious, of course. but i think it is a little too early but i hope he will succeed. >> reporter: president obama is
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the third sitting president to ' receive the prize but the first in 90 years. >> what he has done in eight months as a president seems promising, but it is not enough to deserve a peace prize. >> reporter: nobel judges are defending their choice. they say the president's pledge to rid the world of nuclear weapons, battle global warming and improve relations with the islamic world make him the ideal recipient. charlie d'agata, cbs news, oslo, norway. jessica doyle is off today. here's a look at the "living $mart" report. the federal government is extending the $700 billion financial bailout program until next fall. treasury secretary timothy geithner say the money will be reallocated to help small businesses gain access to loans and to aid homeowners facing foreclosure. one in every 417 homes received a foreclosure notice last month. that's actually down 8% from october, but up 18% from last
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year. november is the 4th straight month foreclosures declined after hitting an all-time high in july. aol becomes a stand-alone company today after a decade under the time warner umbrella. the new aol is in the process of shedding a third of the work force as it tries to compete with rivals including google. there is talk it may slim down by selling off assets including the social networking service. it is 7 after the hour. time to focus on weather and traffic. we begin with howard. >> a good morning, maryland. we have colder temperatures moving and some wind. it will feel like december more than yesterday when some temperatures got in the 50s. looking outside at the temperatures. some cold stuff to our north and west. southern maryland dealing with temperatures in the upper 40s, mid to upper 40s. in the mid-30s in cumberland. 39 in frederick and baltimore and 43 on the bay in annapolis. this afternoon, cumberland will
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drop maybe in the low 30s. meyersville low 40s, 42. and budds creek sunny and windy and 47. maryland highway time. we are starting with the tieups that can slow you down on the inner loop at new hampshire avenue. we have a confirmed accident. things are filling out between university and georgia avenue. in toe district, if you are heading that way from silver spring, happy to report at georgia avenue and vierismill no accidents. northbound 97 is closed at route 144 due to a downed poll. don't worry. you can use route 32 to get around it. back to you. there's one gift you can give for free this holiday season. best selling author and motivational speaker willie jolly explains why it is a great fit for everyone. >> reporter: good morning. this is willie jolly. in today's live better tip for success is day two of the
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willie jolly 12 day of christmas. share the gift of love. the parable states love those now who never loved before. let those who always love, now love the more. so effectively give gifts, give gifts that start with love. a gift given without love is paramount to giving water without it being wet. give gifts of love and if you have no gifts to give, then just give love. love bears all, believes all, hopes all things endures all things. love never fails. share the gift of love. you'll be glad you did. this is willie jolly. visit my website at willie for a copy of today's message. and make this a great day.
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welcome back. kristin fisher is here with a story in honor of the international end violence against sex workers day which takes place next week. good morning. >> that's right. good morning. almost every every week for the past 18 years a group called hips has hit the streets to help workers in washington. we decided to tag along to see these heros in action. >> the hotline phone. the gps. it's not your average checklist. >> we have condoms. >> reporter: for these volunteers this is another night at hips. >> it stands for helping individual prostitutes survive
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and we do holistic education, empowerment and crisis services for people involved in the formal sex industry and people who do more informal sex training. >> reporter: they are heading out to hen out sex workers in washington. this is the hips you reach van and these volunteers are loading up with supplies they will need for the night, condoms, clean syringages and hot chocolate. they are loading it up and now will hit the streets. >> we basically drive around slow with our lights on and talk to people and ask them if they would like free condoms or candy and try to use those safe sex tools to bring people to our van to start a conversation. >> tonight, i'll mostly be sitting in in the front seat, the passenger's seat, the hot seat and that's where we engage with our clients. >> with are on the road less than five minutes when we spot
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the first client. >> can i get condoms. >> any particular kind. >> any kind. doesn't matter. >> here you go. >> thank you. >> do you find prostitute and sex workers all over dc or are they concentrated in one area? someone who doesn't know what they are looking for probably wouldn't notice who they are but it is all over dc. it is pretty much everywhere. >> can we get you some condoms. >> the goal is to make sure everyone has the safer sex materials they need for tonight and carry them in to the week. >> are you doing all right? >> yeah, i'm all right. >> our van is often the only people they see during the night that don't want anyone anything from them. being a respected human being can be a powerful thing. >> that night those hips volunteers served roughly 60 clients and that's about average for hips in 2009. they say the demand is up. and the reason why, like so many other things it is likely
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was of the economy. people losing their jobs, foreclosures on their homes and, you know, can't get a job. so that's what they are turning to. >> you may not like what they are turning to but it is good to be safe for everyone involved, especially with the numbers with hiv and whatever in the district. >> absolutely. you got it. >> thank you very much. in the news now, a driver in washington is accused of hitting two college students on a sidewalk is blaming coffee for the incident. they say he man was suffering from caffeine psychosis because he drank a large amount of coffee and energy drinks. and near seattle, this $2 million mansion is a total wash. three firefighters were unharmed after the burning roof collapsed trapping them. right now investigators are trying to determine what sparked the blaze. no one else was hurt in the fire. president obama is now in oslo, norway, to receive the
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nobel peace prize. today's ceremony is nine days after the president announced he's sending 30,000 more troops to afghanistan. what is surprising about this is everyone is talking about how he shouldn't accept it but it was a big surprise to him he received the nobel peace prize. >> and it will be donated to charity. >> hopefully to bring about peace in our time. howard is talking about no more stormy weather for a while. >> couple more days. the nice thing is the warm air will move in. even though we could see a little snow, sleet or freezing rain to begin saturday night, sunday morning that will turn to rain pretty quickly. sunday will be a wet day. the next three days look like this, windy and a mix of sun and clouds. low to mid-40s especially south of town and southeast. tomorrow the coldest day. only 35 for a high. and with winds at times gusting over 20. wind chills in the 20s much of
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the day and saturday we get it back in the lower 40s. the moms like bus stop forecast this morning. it is windy and cold. mix of sunshine and clouds. still an hour away from that. 7:16. we start in the 30s and 40s and this afternoon we are not going to move much. 40 to 45. blustery under partly to mostly sunny conditions. the winds will gust to 30. right now we had a gust to 38 in the hagerstown area tonight mainly clear and breezy, quiet cold. in the teens to 24 in town and by the bay. we have some cold air. chilly air on the east coast. the really cold stuff to the west. 20s pittsburgh, single digits chicago and below zero minneapolis, des moines, bismarck below zero and the arctic air moves south and east. locally we are at 42. 47 down south but you notice 37 in the shenandoah valley and 20s in the mountains where the
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wind chill is in the single digits. the wind chill is becoming a factor. feels like 40 in fredericksburg. a temperature of 42. northwest winds at 15 gusting over 20. some spots in the 20s and 38 hague herstown. by far the strongest wind gust i have seen in the last hour. so this storm system and this is one we have been tracking from the california across the couldn't with all of the snow, give getting menty of lake effect snow. south of madison, wisconsin 19 inches of snow. we are looking at the lake effect snow here. this will continue the next couple of days. for us we will be cold. a few clouds from time to time. snow in the mountains today. it will stay there this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. finally, though, as the high builds in the winds relax in to friday night and saturday. the seven dayst, looks like this. today 43 and windy. cold tomorrow, 35. saturday 43 and then there's the rain, mainly rain on sunday, 45 may start as a
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wintry weather and milder on monday and tuesday. >> thank you very much, howard. let's talk about the roads and what we are seeing on them. 95 northbound. drivers are tacking on 30 minutes from the prince william parkway to lorton. it is filling out extra early this morning. not sure why. on the inner loop, 95 to 66 everything is okay. notice the green cars. that tells us we are moving at speed. speaking of 66 taking it ebb and and the slow go is 234 to 29 and again from 50 to 123. right now you are okay approaching 495. 270. that's the next stop from 118 germantown road to montross. a lot of head lights. just volume. no incidents or accidents. on the inner loop north of the district at new hampshire avenue. if we take it outside it looks like we have some crash activity there. the outer loop overall clear of any incidents that slow from university over to georgia. andrea, now back to you.
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>> coming up when 9 news now returns, the capitals take to the ice against the sabres. see why last night's game is one they won soon forget. geico and wusa wusa 9 salute all who serve. i'm master sergeant raymond tudino. currently stationed in southwest asia. i'd like to say hi to my wife and daughter at fort meade. have a happy holiday an happy new year. - what if we all said no. - no.
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welcome back to 9 news now. this morning's look at local sports begins to the north in buffalo, new york. the capitals were on the road taking on the sabres.
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down 1-0 in the second. buffalo squeezes one past theodore for his first career goal. 4-2 -- 4 will have 0 buffalo. a shot and rebound and another score. the caps are shut out for the first time this season. the final 3-0. in local hoops, providence at george washington. vincent counsel hits low for two. dixon finished with 18. one of six players to score double figures for the friars as they win 110-97. gw falls to 6-2 on the year. with a few weeks left in their season and the redskins made another change at the running back position. quinton is a backup no more. he will start on sunday in oakland. he rushed for 46-yard on eight carries against new orleans and claimed the starting job from cartwright because of his speed. coach zorn said his girth set
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him apart. on the injury front, haynesworth continues to nurse that injured ankle. coach horn is hopeful he can go and hall would love to face his former team on sunday as well but he is struggling to move laterally because of a sprained knee. the butler classic began last night at cool edge high school. four teams involved including dematha and coolidge. cook goes low and the matha team wins. the event raises money for participating schools. still to come, five muslim men with local ties are under arrest in pakistan. find out what disturbing evidence investigator say they found during a search of one of their homes. here's angie. thank you. we are live from canal and fox hall. check it out. hardly any traffic. we have more shot 0 the roads
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you travel this thursday. that's on the way along with howard's weather. stay with us. it is colder air on the way. i will have the forecast. 9 news now returns in a moment.
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welcome back to 9 9 news now. howard is on the weather terrace. he has the weather forecast. >> this is one of those mornings where the temperature is receive testifying. -- deceiving. the wind chill is -- it is in the low 40s at national. 39 dulles. mid-30s in the shenandoah valley. upper 40s, 47 from southern maryland, fredericksburg 44. but those wind chills drop off in the 20s north and west. we have had gusts up to 38 in hagerstown. feeling like 5 at national and 41 southern maryland. today will be windy. gusts to 30-miles an hour and a few above. the temperatures are holding lower 40s, maybe 45. a little colder later in the afternoon. so consider that if you are going to be outside this morning and good news, no rain. a lot better than yesterday.
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it is 6:30. get a traffic update. >> those are nice ear must haves, bernstein. maybe you will let me borrow them. if you are hitting the car and jumping in. crank up the heat. on the outer loop this have what you can expect, no problems at this time. things filling out new hampshire to georgia. the inner loop accident at new hampshire is out of here. that's good news. in to dc, inbound new york avenue we are slow from the times building bladensburg. water street is closed as we have issues from yesterday we are dealing with, the flooding. heading to the maps, the roads are shut doubt down at route 4. take water street to main street to get you to old crane highway and then you can get back to route 4. there's a way around it. 395 northbound from the beltway to seminary, looks like you are dropping speed. the same situation from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. that's a quick look at traffic. back to you. >> five men from our region have been detained in pakistan
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suspected of a possible link to terrorism. 9 news now alex trevino is live in the 9 news now information center with more. alex? >> andrea, the families from the washington, d.c. area were particularly concerned after watching what is described as a disturbing farewell video from the young men that have not been made public. it shows scenes of war and casualties and describes how muslims must be defended. one of them is a dental student at howard university, the other four are men who live in our area. all five are expected to have been on their way to a terror training camp. national security expert says home grown terrorism is a real threat many americans don't even know it is happening. the five americans were arrested during a raid on a house 125-miles from islamabad bad. >> if it is clear they have gone there to join the taliban, the government there is probably going to deal with them very harshly because those are the same people killing so
6:32 am
many innocent pakistanis today and destabilizing the government. >> reporter: investigators were trying to determine whether the men established any firm contacts with militant groups. president obama declined to talk specifically about the case but said we have to constantly be mindful that some of these twisted ideologies are available over the internet. 9 news now and should the federal government step up its role in keeping metro rail safe? a senate subcommittee takes up that question later this morning. maryland senator barbara mccoalesce is expected to testify. she's been pushing for federal standards ever since the metro rail crash. right now other forms of transportation such as buses, trains and planes are required to have strong federal safety standard but not metro rail. five employees of the transportation security administration are on administrative leave. they are accused of posting
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sensitive guidelines about airport passenger screenings on the internet. a homeland security official says the full investigation is underway. don't be alarmed if you see small planes and helicopters flying over our area tonight. norad plans a training exercise for later tonight. the exercise was initially planned for tuesday, but was postponed twice because of bad weather. one springfield high school teacher receives an early holiday gift. sign instructor was awarded a $25,000 check yesterday. it comes from a milken family foundation. a california organization that recognizes excellence in education. excited students, classmate and colleagues were on hand for the special assembly. jessica doyle is off today. here's a look at the living smart report. an unexpected surge in college enrollment has created a massive short fall in the pell
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grant program. over the next three years the program for needy students will cost $18 billion more than congress and the white house had anticipated. the short fall is the largest in history for the program. last year the entire program cost the government about $18 billion t. bank of america has repaid the $45 billion debt owed to u.s. taxpayers. the money is part of the troubled asset relief program. the bank funded it through a combination of cash on hand an the sale of $19 billion of securities that would convert in to common stock. bank of america was among hundred of banks that received bailouts through the government's tarp program. delta airlines says business travel is slowly coming back. the carrier's cautiously optimistic about the future and sees sales improving in the coming months. even so, delta has no plans for a major overhaul of its planes. united overred 50 new planes if they are first time in a
6:35 am
decade. there have been high depp expectations for mattel's new barbie line this christmas. so in style is the first line of black dolls designed with features unique to african- american girls but critics are claiming the dolls fall short of that goal. >> maybe we can put her jacket back on. >> reporter: it took nine years before she felt comfortable getting her daughter a doll. >> my mother struggled with the same thing that i struggle with my daughter and that is finding dolls that look like me and it's been an issue for years. >> two years ago the mother of two decided to make one. >> she has a beautiful nose. >> reporter: each has a story, a passion and authentic features that 9-year-old sara recognizes. >> i like having a doll that is just like me. >> reporter: so goes the thought behind mattel's new barbie line, so in style. >> the designer is pictured on the box. she said she spent two years working on these dolls so her 6-
6:36 am
year-old daughter could have barbies that look like her. >> critics are blasting the company for not getting it right. just like years past. >> what many companies have done is taken the same mold for the white doll and made her brown and presented her to us. >> on the other hand, barbie never looked like many of her fans. 5-year-old anna belle says she has hundreds of barbies but not one that looks like her. >> no, only if i cut their hair a little shorter. >> she doesn't want to do that. >> i like long hair barbies. >> she has barbies that represent all skin shade and the only one that isn't fun is ken. >> shortest hair that can be. i only have one boy barbie. >> if she could design her own. >> would it matter what her skin color was? >> no, it wouldn't. >> reporter: good for her.
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we have delays because of the weather in virginia. frederick county schools are opening two hours late and in west virginia hampshire county schools are opening two hours late. government, court and county in garrett county, district court is opening two hours late. here's howard with an explanation of what is happening in virginia's weather to start us off. good morning. >> virginia, like everybody else, dealing with the wind this morning and temperatures near the freezing mark, potentially a little ice if frederick county, hence the delays. let's talk about. it. other than the temperatures and the wind thankfully a quiet morning out there. some winds will gust to 30 miles an hour. readings in the 30s you will see them there. mid-30s winchester. dulles is 39. culpeper 37. in the 40s to the potomac. and fredericksburg at 44. this afternoon, temperatures aren't going to move much. a mix of sunshine and few
6:38 am
clouds. 41 ashburn. and stafford, the warm spot this afternoon, running 45. virginia highway time. let's get info from angie. >> that's right. this is all about you, old dominion. a live shot of patrick henry drive. all is a go as drivers make their way to arlington. we have a tow truck pushed to the shoulder. tysons corner, route 7 and spring hill road. we are clear here, as well. no incidents or accidents to report. and finally come fly with me. we are over the dulles toll road making our way past the airport. when you hit the hunter mill area you will see the volume pick up headed to the toll plaza. it is 6:38. happy thursday. get up and at it, everybody. we will be right back. stay with 9 news now.
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in 20 minutes the "early
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show" premiers. we are going live to oslo, norway where the president will be accepting his nobel peace prize during the earl. back home his approval ratings are falling. we will analyze the polls this morning. and a powerful snowstorm is making its way this to parts of you are a area in the northeast. behind it is a band of bitter cold weather that has the midwest in a deep freeze. we have dave price on location with the latest forecast. and the most controversial reality series to tv mtv in a long time. why some are outraged by jersey shore. that is coming up on the "early show." back to you. >> thank you. time to check in with chris fin fisher with a look at what's on the web. good morning. >> good morning. we are exactly three weeks away from new year's eve. we are getting the party started by looking at the top google searches of 2009. every year google studies the billions of querries that people typed in to google
6:43 am
search and let's look at the 2009 year end google zeitgeist. this is a list of the fastest rising searches an the world. and number one, no surprise, we heard so much about him, michael jackson. he takes the spot spot on several lists this year in 2009. now, let's look at the fastest rising searches here in the united states and clocking in at number one is twitter. they beat out michael jackson who took the number two spot. shows you this year has been the year of twitter. the microblogging site that could. look at the top surgeries here in washington, d.c. for 2009. coming in number one is the fairfax county public schools blackboard website. this is the website that parents and students can go to to get their home work and class assignments. so that's number one.
6:44 am
i was surprised by that. and then you have the national harbor, e street cinema, nova community college, wto want news, wmata, nationals baseball, dc restaurant week, washington sports club and round it out with something for the holiday shopping season number euna leesburg you lets. one thing i want top show you real quick, what goes up must come down and google has a list of the fastest falling sites and take a look at how many politicians are on this site. you have got john mccain, barack obama, sarah palin. they were all on that fastest- rising list lastier and now on the fastest falling list. my guess would be it is not an election year. go figure. back to you. >> >> that means we have that to look forward to in 2010. right now we look forward to howard's forecast. >> ironman and wii fit were on the list. a couple of my favorites there. >> and ron paul.
6:45 am
>> what are you going to do. >> let's talk about the chill womaning in. the winds are blowing from the west northwest and the arctic air will cover the country and that will spill over the mountains toward us toward tonight and tomorrow. today 43 or so for the afternoon. which means temperatures won't be moving much from where they are. the sunshine is going to battle the cold air coming in. windy, we will have some wind chills in the 20s and 30s. by tomorrow morning teens and 20s. back to 35 and saturday less wind and back up in the lower 40s the moms like bus stop forecast, windy and cold, 30s and 40s to start the day. sunrise in a half an hour. this afternoon, partly to mostly sunny blustery 4 -- 40 to 45. gusting to 30 in spots. we will have wind chills this the 30s. hagerstown 38 this past hour. 17 to 24 with that west wind at 10 to 20.
6:46 am
it will be tough. if you are outside for any period of time, bundle up and take precautions. the lake effect snow machine going pretty good up across western pennsylvania parts of ohio, kentucky. new york state. buffalo, reading the winter storm warning for them they are looking if that are until 7 a.m. on saturday morning. that's two days of lake affect snows. they could get two to three feet of snow in some areas. 47 down south. easton 41. culpeper 47 but the wind chills are in the 20sin the shenandoah valley and the single digits in garrett county, oakland is feeling like 6. feels like 41 at pax river. and culpeper your wind chill is 31. at national, 42. dew point continues to drop. a sign of arctic air spilling in. the wind chill at national is 35. there's the arctic air. you can see it chicago, kansas city, barely above zero. one below in minneapolis and
6:47 am
this continues to sink south and east. even dallas and memphis in the 20s. we are holding on to 42. but as the cold air comes in it will start to drop later this afternoon and tonight. it is almost bitterly cold around here tonight. the snow from great lakes and back to new england courtesy of the lake opinion with these brisk winds over the warm lakes. and that lake effect will not just be this afternoon by tomorrow afternoon in to saturday morning. these areas south and west of buffalo f you like to ski, holiday valley, it will get pasted with one to three feet of snow in the next couple of days. we will feel it on sunday when we get a storm coming. god news is it will be a wet one. tomorrow 35 still blustery. saturday 43. less wind and sunday may start on saturday night, sunday morning as sleet or freezing rain or snow but should be a rain event with temperatures in the 40s and mild to start next
6:48 am
week. angie goff? >> thank you very much. we are creeping closer to 7 a.m. hey, everybody. hope you are off to a great start this morning. 95 northbound. if this is your road we are jammed from dale city to the fairfax county parkway. i'm estimating that drive right now at 36 minutes. let's keep things moving. 395 northbound not moving too fast here. little below speed from the beltway to seminary and then going again from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. no surprise there. 66 eastbound slow in two spots. 234 to 29 and route 50 to 123. no incidents, though. that's a god thing. 270 southbound father hurley the split. that's the main delay and wrap it up with the graphics. head back to the green and show you this is in cooksville. 95 is closed at 144 because of a downed pole and crews are on the scene. the good news is you can use 32 as an alternate. over to you. an sand, virginia man is celebrating a lottery gift that
6:49 am
keeps on giving. kenneth stepped forward to accept his prize, $1,000 a week for the rest of his life. the award ceremony happened at the bt gas station where the vietnam veteran bought the ticket. he went on-line this weekend to learn about his good fortune. >> i glanced through it and i seen a couple of number and i put it down and i said, wait, let me see if there's any more numbers so i skipped over the first two and i said, oh, i have the last four and i said, oh, no t i have all six [ laughter ] >> reporter: a lot to smile about. he say he enjoys traveling and this should make vacationing a lot easier. still to come, why there will be a strock u.s. presence long after troops begin to leave afghanistan. it is 6:49.
6:50 am
this is airman mclean stationed in iraq. i want to say hi to my mom, dad and brother in manassas, virginia. i love you and miss you. happy holidays. - what if we all said no. - no. - no to fake foods. - and yes to real. yes to hellmann's. made with eggs, vinegar and oils... that are naturally rich in omega 3. with all the taste in the world. mmmmmm. hellmann's. it's time for real.
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in the news now, secretary of defense robert gates told afghan troops in kabul the u.s. will have a large number of forces after u.s. starts to withdrawalling troops in 2011. a full u.s. withdrawal is expected to take at least another decade. secretary gates said the u.s. relationship with afghanistan is forged in blood. insurgent forces in afghanistan say they will retaliate against south korea for its decision to send 350 troops in their country. the taliban statement e-mailed to media outlets says south korea should be prepared for thank you the consequence of their action. more blizzard conditions and sub zero temperatures are expected across the nation's
6:54 am
mid section in to new england today. nearly 19 inches of snow fell south of madison, wisconsin. the monster storm is expected to pound two-thirds of the country before it moves to the coast of maine. >> low to mid-40s, dropping off this afternoon under a mostly sunny sky and some wind gusts to 30. angie will have the traffic and i will have the seven-day forecast when 9 news now returns. -=h
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6:57 am
now for a dog gone story with a very happy holiday ending. a 4-year-old shepherd mix named millie was missing more than three weeks her owner in salt lake city, utah looked
6:58 am
everywhere for her pet without success. finally a teenager walking by a storm drain heard barking and it was politically. >> don't normally have a dog that is lost this amount of time that shows up. she is like our kid. my kids are in college and my husband travels a lot and she's a really good friend. >> reporter: millie lost 13- pounds in her ordeal but the vet gave her a clean bill of health. they say the dog survived because it is ten degrees warmer in the storm drain and she ate some of the vermin down there or trash to survive. >> why not? >> do what you have to do. >> humans do that, too when they are stuck. >> this is true. >> always like happy reunions. what a way to end the show. talk about the traffic. inbound new york avenue, we want you to know we have new lights at bladensburg. that will affect the normal delay around times building to bladensburg. drivers are expected to get
6:59 am
used to the new pattern. 270 southbound from father hurley to the split, 20 minutes and 95 northbound we are slow from dale city to the fairfax county parkway. that's a little more than a 40 minute drive. over to you. looking at clear sky and clouds. mainly a cloud partly sunny to mostly sunny day. tonight an tomorrow cold, teens north and west and then we see perhaps rain and a little presip. the "early show" is next. of course they have more on the president's trip to accept his nobel peace prize in oslo, norway. coming up at 9:00, insider holiday travel tips from the frugal socialite. >> until then get the latest news, weather and traffic by going to interact with us, everybody and make it a great thursday. i'm going to get some coffee. how about


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